the oscar for best jewelry goes to…

the oscar for best jewelry goes to…

molly ringwald at the oscars 2010

No I didn’t design Molly Ringwald‘s jewelry for Oscar night 2010 but I admire whomever did! Being that I haven’t owned a television in almost 15 years, it was way too much trouble to impose myself on unsuspecting friends at 11pm just to catch a glimpse of the jewelry. So I searched the net this am for comparable last-year-Oscar earrings-a-la-Angelina Jolie… and nothing! Same boring diamond bracelets (yawn!) until I saw Molly Ringwald’s gorgeous artful jewelry! Wow. After searching and searching, I saw that my modern art hero Alexander Calder designed the jewelry… No wonder! I suppose if it was an unknown name Ms. Ringwald would have been further crucified, but really people… think outside of the diamond bracelet box! Thumbs up to my 80s lipstick princess. You’ve still got it sister!

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