the sustainable style of summer rayne oakes

the sustainable style of summer rayne oakes

Summer Rayne Oakes wears a hand-sculpted Linhardt cuff made of "Pui," a Colombian wood that has been salvaged from furniture scraps.

One of our first photo shoots was with Entrepreneur/Eco-fashion Model/Activist  Summer Rayne Oakes, who is probably one of the most interesting people I have ever met. Not only is she naturally gorgeous, Cornell-educated, the founder of Source4Style (among MANY other accomplishments) she houses an exotic bug collection in her Brooklyn apartment. I recently sent her a photo of the giant Weta (one of the largest/heaviest insects known to man), which she knew about years ago and proved it with her video (which gave me both the giggles and the creepies.) I checked out some other images of Summer and saw this photo which was not from our original shoot, but shot some time thereafter. Thanks, Summer for being such a great supporter of Linhardt jewelry after all this time!

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