studies in metal – the hyperbolic paraboloid

studies in metal – the hyperbolic paraboloid

hyperbolic paraboloid

A hyperbolic paraboloid made in bronze; patinated with liver of sulfur.

This is a study in moving metal – here the bronze was hammered with a specialized set of stakes and hammers to shape flat metal sheet into a sculpturesque structure. The form is known to mathematicians as a “hyperbolic paraboloid” which is a doubly ruled surface that is shaped like a saddle. It incorporates two planes that are formed in opposing directions – which gets increasingly difficult to accomplish if your medium is metal. Below you can see examples of traditional hyperbolic paraboloids that I have created with a planishing hammer and various stakes.

hyperbolic paraboloid in metal process

left: Metal being stretched by hammering two different planes. right: Traditional hyperbolic paraboioid.

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