solar power post sandy – the power rockaways resilience

solar power post sandy – the power rockaways resilience

Having been without power ourselves for quite some time in the East Village, it took us a while to understand the impact and level of devastation that Hurricane Sandy left in its path – especially in the outer boroughs and New Jersey! Our hearts go out to the individuals, families and communities affected by this disaster.

As a Queens native with family in Far Rockaway, I was particularly floored by these unrecognizable post-Sandy images by Alex Braverman. An amazing group of people joined forces to create the Power Rockaways Reslience, which uses solar powered generators to bring power and heat to those who need it. The group is comprised of planners and engineers who surf Rockaway Beach – along with many friends and supporters, spearheaded by award-winning city landscape architects Walter Meyer and Jennifer Bolstad. Please check out their organization and donate your time, energy, funds… or simply spread the word. 10% of Linhardt jewelry sold until the end of the year will be donated to this cause.

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