Linhardt is a New York-based fine and fashion jewelry house founded in 2008 that is revolutionizing the industry by marrying innovative design and exceptional craftsmanship with the highest level of socially and environmentally responsible practices. Linhardt has a retail store in the SoHo section of New York City and a workshop in Midtown Manhattan. Linhardt creations are hand-touched pieces of art that are fashioned from responsibly-sourced precious metals and mine-to-market gemstones. From the delicate luxury of fine engagement and wedding rings to the architectural boldness of our Signature Collection, Linhardt creates sophisticated designs of distinctive artistry. Linhardt utilizes traditional artisanal techniques, from the 17th century Japanese Mo kume Gane; to hand-crafted, intricate French Micropave. By incorporating the se traditional techniques into bold and innovative designs, Linhardt jewelry objects make a statement of subtle sophistication. This is true New York “urban armor”; designed by Linhardt herself – a native New Yorker, designer and trained metalsmith, she utilizes local manufacturers to contribute to the local economy of New York City; with a nod to its long history as a city of artisans. Linhardt was named a “Critics’ Pick: Best of New York.” and coined “New York’s green jeweler” by New York Magazine. Linhardt’s “wearable sculpture” has been worn by celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, Gisele Bundchen; and is regularly featured in fashion shoots for magazines such as Vogue and Bazaar. Linhardt is a B corp-certified business, a rigorous process that recognizes us as part of a community of like-minded companies that address social and environmental issues as they pursue financial success. We are informed activists for responsible mining, sustainable economic development and verified, ethical sources for gold, diamonds and other materials used for. We believe that people should be able t o enjoy beautiful pieces of jewelry without the expense of the planet and the people who Linhardt jewelry is available in our flagship New York store in downtown Manhattan; as well as in select galleries and retail stores in the United States and Europe.

Linhardt Design has an array of fine-jewelry collections that utilize only precious metals (silver, gold, platinum). We have several ready-to-wear lines but also offer custom design services where you can work with the designer directly to create a bespoke piece made specifically for you or a loved one.


The Signature Collection reflects Linhardt’s distinctive artistry in metal with bold and sophisticated lines that echo her background in sculpture. Linhardt creates jewelry objects that make a statement of chic allure and sophistication that are collected rather than merely purchased. These pieces have been featured in the press often; as they are eye-catching, unique, and are often referred to as New York City “urban armor”.


The Essentials Collection mirror shapes and lines of the Signature Collections, but in mini-form. They are trendy pieces that almost anyone can wear due to the sheer comfort, weight, and scale of each piece. Due to their wearability, the pieces are hardly taken off – and look great worn from daywear into night. Pieces are added seasonally to this collection, and often make great gifts.


Linhardt reproduced her most sought-after and talked about custom work into a Collection that gives the client flexibility in choosing the elements that work for their aesthetic and lifestyle. The client may choose the gemstone (or bring in an existing heirloom stone for us to work with), choose from our palette of custom metals, as well as customize the band (with or without stones). Although “customization” has its limitations, it offers guidance the entire way, gives the same customer service Linhardt is known for, and assures the same exquisite craftsmanship as with working on a bespoke pice of jewelry from concept to completion.


Lisa Linhardt, founder and creative director of Linhardt Design, specializes in creating one-of-a-kind custom fine jewelry using recycled precious metals and responsibly sourced stones.  Lisa is known for her uncanny ability to translate a customer’s story and style into a cherished heirloom, and for understanding what the client wants even before they do. Most who commission a custom piece do not know what they want, but Linhardt guides them through the process to help figure it out by asking the right questions, sketching out ideas, and allowing you to approve each step along the way – which includes visual simulations of the piece from every angle, as well as the approval of a 3D maquette – before the jewelry is actually made. Linhardt’s Custom work varies in style and shows incredible versatility since they are inspired by the individual; even though Linhardt manages to add her own unique flavor in every one.

As a trained goldsmith and silversmith, Lisa’s design process is artisanal and rare: she forges billets, mixes her own golds, and hand-picks her gemstones. Her craftsmanship encompasses traditional metalsmith techniques such as Anticlastic Raising, and she can work with local artisans to custom-cut any gemstone into any shape. Linhardt offers the highest quality of traditional French micropavé technique and an array of gold options including custom mixes such as the popular “Champagne” and “Slate” golds. To see examples, visit the Portfolio.

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