this was a first… and hopefully not the last

this was a first… and hopefully not the last


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It is safe to say that Linhardt does not attract the average wedding client – but in all my years making engagement rings and wedding rings for couples (male/female, female/female, male/male and you name it), this week was the first time I have ever made a ring for a woman who was about to propose to her boyfriend. And honestly I loved it. It made me wonder why I don’t get these requests more often.

So how did the ring look? It was pretty simple, with a meaningful hand engraving. No diamonds, no adornment – just a ring to symbolize the circle of life and their commitment to each other – embedded with a personal message. It was also important for the client to work with an independent designer, and know the maker whose hands touched the ring. The whole time I was making that ring I secretly thought to myself that she was my hero. And she is…

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