odd opens in nyc with extensive linhardt jewelry

odd opens in nyc with extensive linhardt jewelry

odd nyc judson harmon linhardt jewelry

We are pleased to announce the opening of Judson Harmon’s beautifully curated creation that is ØDD – a multi-brand fashion retailer and styling house with its own collection and storefront location on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. ØDD will be opening its doors on October 16 and will feature various clothing and jewelry for men, women, and all in-between. Linhardt is proud to exhibit our most extensive collection of wearable metal art outside of our own retail store in the East Village – and we couldn’t think of a more appropriate venue. ØDD was born in 2011 with a driving passion for the bold, elegant, and thought-provokingly individual and assembles an inventory and creative palette that truly live up to the name. Thank you for highlighting Linhardt jewelry in your gorgeous space and making us a part of your vision! Visit ØDD. 164 Ludlow in New York City; Mon thur Wed 12-7pm; Thur thru Sat 12-8pm; Sun 12-6pm.

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