improved diamond cutting services at linhardt

improved diamond cutting services at linhardt

diamond_cutting_services at linhardt

At Linhardt we have always been an advocate of custom projects taken to the highest level – including custom cutting of precious and semi-precious gemstones. As you may or may not know, diamond cutting is a whole other skill on to itself. There have been a number of projects where we have even re-cut polished diamonds for clients as well as repaired broken diamonds and restored them to a gorgeous cut and polish – and our service just got even better… We are proud to announce that we have started working with a new artisan for our diamond re-cutting and repair services who is extremely talented, local, and has her own machinery right here in Manhattan (yes, SHE is even a woman, with 35+ years of diamond cutting experience!) Stay tuned to see some of the beautiful projects we create in conjunction with our diamond cutter’s extreme precision and expertise!

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