native american engagement and wedding rings; a la linhardt

native american engagement and wedding rings; a la linhardt

Custom Linhardt Engagement ring (top) stacked with eternity band - all with a Native American twist...

I just received this fabulous wedding image from clients Melissa and Eric out in Colorado, who commissioned me for custom Linhardt engagement and wedding rings. They didn’t know what they wanted to make, but knew that an important element was to incorporate a traditional diamond with Melissa’s Native American Sioux roots – all with a modern twist. Melissa didn’t want a traditional “solitaire” look and wanted something wide/chunky that had more of a wedding “band” look. Lets start first with the engagement ring:

After a number of discussions and sketches, our plan was to set a large diamond asymmetrically that would be paired with other geometrically-cut semi-precious stones native to Melissa’s tribe. We chose to go with a clean-looking diamond that wasn’t a “brilliant” blingy cut – so Emerald Cuts and Ascher Cuts were at the top of the list since those are step-cuts. We were not fans of the chopped-off corners of the stones for this design however, so decided to purchase a larger step cut that we custom-cut into what is known as a “Caret.” Carets look similar to Emerald or Ascher cuts but have completely square corners. Carets are usually seen in smaller form however; so in order to achieve a geometric step cut with a certain size requirement without chopped corners we just had to make it ourselves… once the stone was cut here by expert diamond cutters here in NYC, it was set in a platinum casing:

From there Melissa chose the stones native to her Sioux roots and it was my challenge to configure these stones in such a way that was reminiscent of Native American jewelry. Since the stones are not the hardest most practical stones for every day wear-and-tear, I decided to “inlay” the stones to protect them as much as possible. The following are stones that Melissa chose to be custom-cut for her ring:

Melissa's selection of stones, stemming from my personal collection and travels throughout New Mexico

Here is the result, made with recycled Platinum, custom-cut responsibly-sourced diamond, as well as responsibly-sourced semi-precious stones:

Months later it was time to create Melissa’s wedding band, which she wanted to stack next to her already-chunky engagement ring – although this time she wanted something a bit more traditional. We decided again on “caret” cut diamonds to be channel-set in the same recycled platinum, with “Azures” (or cuts in the metal from the underside of the diamonds) to allow light to enter and also allow for easy cleaning. The azures serve as a practical element, but also a decorative element to aesthetically tie in her Native American roots once again; as the cutouts are modeled after traditional stars ubiquitous to tribal art of the Sioux:

azuring work in the metal (ring still in in progress) featuring traditional star designs of the Sioux tribe

channel-set stackable wedding ring (in progress)

Congratulations Eric and Melissa on your recent wedding! I am so proud and honored to have worked with you both on these projects and look forward to connecting again in the future! Wishing you both the best! xo

(To see more images of Melissa and Eric’s Colorado wedding, click here)

  • Melissa Dempsey-Eilbacher/ 17.11.2011Reply

    Lisa, you are truly one of the most talented people I know! Thank you so much for crafting what I consider the perfect engagement ring and wedding band.

  • Leslie Hewitt/ 06.02.2012Reply


  • Dina/ 06.02.2012Reply

    this is spectacular, lisa! love how unique and original it is!!

  • Gregory Irvin/ 17.03.2013Reply

    Hello there….I am getting married in Hawaii in Sept….Would you consider making a custom set for us? Hope to hear from you. A set of wedding bands is what I am looking for?

    • admin/ 20.03.2013Reply

      Absolutely! Please feel free to reach out to us info (at)

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