linhardt x nicholas k: ny fashion week

linhardt x nicholas k: ny fashion week


New York-based artisanal jewelry designer Lisa Linhardt of Linhardt Design teamed up with luxury sportswear brand Nicholas K for its Spring 2017 collection. The collaboration highlights the eco-minded nature and dynamic design of both companies and features 55 total pieces, all of which were locally manufactured.

For the Spring 2017 collaboration, Linhardt’s bold sculptural jewelry was inspired by “repurposing,” a concept she envisioned with her former professor Rob Butler years ago. The practice emerged organically while the two were purchasing metals from silver scrappers to melt down. Since the vintage pieces, like vessels and tableware, were already beautifully crafted, Linhardt instead began cutting them up to create her jewelry. The Spring 2017 collection was inspired by these hand-smithed sugar bowls and water vessels that were shaped into freshly designed cuffs while maintaining the integrity of the original artwork. The accessories were then recreated in exaggerated forms, by the lost-wax casting process. The pieces were recreated with intensive hand-smithing used by past generations.

Linhardt’s recycled metal jewelry “imitates the contours of the desert,” the backdrop and main source of inspiration for the Nicholas K Spring 2017 collection. Nicholas K’s recent designs pay homage to the Bedouin culture that, like Linhardt’s repurposing model, “illuminates a life of simplicity and grueling efficiency.”


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