inspiration: wendell castle’s wandering forms

inspiration: wendell castle’s wandering forms

Just had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite designer’s beautiful, sculptural furniture in person at the Aldrich Museum’s opening “Wendell Castle: Wandering Forms — Works from 1959-1979.” Be sure to check out the exhibit at the Aldrich Museum and grab their catalogue by Alastair Gordon, the first book in more than two decades devoted to the designer’s early years. The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum is at 258 Main Street, Ridgefield, Connecticut.

The NY Times reports that two other exhibits are also coming up to commemorate Castle’s 80th Birthday, “…both in New York City, “Wendell Castle: Volumes and Voids” (Barry Friedman Ltd., Oct. 25 to Jan. 26) and “Wendell Castle: A New Environment” (Friedman Benda, Dec. 12 to Jan. 26), will feature new work that Mr. Castle said he executed in “quite a different vocabulary.” I’ll see you there!



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