holiday gift idea: a touch of samurai

holiday gift idea: a touch of samurai

This holiday channel your inner Samurai with the Signature Linhardt Loop ring made in Mokume Gane – a Japanese mixed-metal laminate with distinctive layered patterns that was used to decorate Samurai swords. According to Wiki, “…the name mokume gane was borrowed from one type of pattern created in the forging of swords and other edged weapons. First made in 17th-century Japan, the mixed-metal was used only for sword fittings until the Meiji era, when the decline of the katana industry forced artisans to create purely decorative items instead. The inventor, Denbei Shoami (1651–1728), initially called his product guri bori for its simplest form’s resemblance to guri, a type of carved lacquerwork with alternating layers of red and black.” This mokume in this piece of jewelry is a random stamped pattern made of 4 mixed metals – copper, sterling silver, shakudo and shibuichi – and forged into the iconic Loop ring that Linhardt is known for. More info can be found here.

  • Pedro Franco/ 19.12.2012Reply

    Really cute jewelry. Thanks for your charm…loved it!

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