gaga for lady miss kier

gaga for lady miss kier

lady miss kier on the cover of groove is in the heart

Above Center: Lady Miss Kier, seen with her group Deee-Lite on the cover of Groove is in the Heart.

I start the new year by paying hommage to one of my all-time favorite fashion icons Lady Miss Kier. I’m probably dating myself when I say this but Kier was not merely the vocalist for the group Deee-Lite but was the “Lady Gaga” of my time!!! I cannot tell you just how influential this woman was to me throughout the years, and how she continues to inspire my jewelry time and time again. This woman helped me discover Patricia Field and Emilio Pucci at 11yrs old – was also responsible for many decisions (some not so smart, such as cutting class to hang out on 8th street, dying my hair a Manic Panic red, and wearing faux-Pucci legging in my Junior High Yearbook…) I often wonder whatever happened to her and why she wasn’t as well-received as Lady Gaga. Perhaps the world was not quite ready for her just yet, but she will always be an inspiration in my book. Here’s to a groovy new year!

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