The Process

Lisa Linhardt’s focus is custom designed pieces that range from signature pieces designed for any occasion to one-of-a-kind engagement and wedding rings. The process of creating a custom piece is personal since each project piece is individualized and stylized for the person. Lisa captures the style and the essence of the individual in each piece and designs with a view that each piece should be appreciated across styles and times.

Since precious metals and stones are sourced from the earth, all of her jewelry incorporates a reverence for nature by using recycled metals and ethically-sourced stones in accordance with our philosophy (link to “sustainability” section). Linhardt sources her diamonds directly from diamond sightholders therefore reducing the number of “middlemen” in the process to help you get the best possible price for your diamond. Other stones are also sourced directly from the mine and/or stone cutter when possible.

The first meeting is utilized for the client and Lisa to discuss the piece and their aspirations. Lisa is able to provide ideas and conceptual designs/direction. Budget is discussed. Lisa then follows up with estimates and if the client decides to proceed the a schedule is set and a deposit is provided. The next step for the client view and choose a main stone (this step is skipped if Linhardt is working with an external family heirloom stone or previously purchased stone). Following the schedule, the client and Lisa will review the design process and illustrations. Lisa will provide a 3-Dimensional model (hand wax or otherwise) which is then followed by casting/fabricating and finishing. Engraving, appraisal services, and insurance information are also available upon request.

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