carolina + daniel: engagement on the highline!

carolina + daniel: engagement on the highline!

Ring in-progress – Not finished or polished! It features a responsibly-sourced 1.06 Radiant with delicate diamond pave halo set in recycled platinum; hand made and custom-designed by Linhardt exclusively for Carolina

I love witnessing how much is involved when someone plans an engagement… This is the story of Daniel and Carolina, who recently got engaged in one of my favorite parks in New York City that used to be the elevated freight railroad spur – the Highline. Over the Holiday season Daniel approached me to design a ring for his beautiful girlfriend. We weren’t sure at that point how the ring was going to look – so Daniel sent me photos of Carolina, the type of jewelry she wears, her fashion sense, and told me as much as he could about her background and personality. I could tell how much he was in love with this woman just by hearing him speak. We looked at a number of different responsibly-sourced diamonds together until he finally decided on a gorgeous Radiant cut. I presented a few drawings to Daniel and we continued to sketch in person until we decided that adding a touch of Carolina’s Spanish roots with a touch of Filigree work would be perfect.

Through this entire process Daniel was also planning the perfect way to propose. He explained he was getting a group of friends together to help with the proposal and here is what he came up with (matching scarves and all!) I love the look on Carolina’s face – it is priceless! Take a look at the video here (turn up the volume and listen to the beautiful voices). Congratulations to you both! You have a great group of friends that really helped make this happen!!! And of course Kudos to Daniel for organizing all this flawlessly. Here’s to an amazing 2012!!!

  • Carolina/ 06.01.2012Reply

    Thank you so much, Lisa, for featuring us in your blog! I love the posting and I adore my ring!! It is exactly what I would imagine on my finger. I have received so many compliments on how elegant it is with a touch of modern and a touch of vintage. Thank you again for helping Daniel create something so incredibly beautiful!

  • Barb Gramza/ 07.01.2012Reply

    Carolina is my beautiful baby sister!!! She deserves nothing but the best and she has it! Daniel is awesome!!! Now if you can please help my husband design a beautiful ring for me!!!! Lol!!

  • Andrea D./ 07.01.2012Reply

    Daniel and Carolina is the epitome of love at first sight. They instantly connected as though their spirits reunited from a previous life. I love them and wish nothing but the best for them. As Daniel says, living the dream. You guys are truly living the dream. Congrats again! Beautiful, beautiful blog.

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