custom damascus steel ring

custom damascus steel ring

damascus steel ring being sculpted

After the Damascus is made and shaped on a lathe, it is scuplted into a free-form.

My love for unique metal techniques has brought me to yet another medium – Damascus Steel. I have been working with this metal for the past few years and still am amazed every time I see the varying results. Damascus Steel is a hot-forged steel used in Middle Eastern swordmaking from about 1100 to 1700 AD and is considered more of a blacksmith’s medium rather than a jeweler or goldsmith’s medium. It consists of various layers and grades of steel that are forged together and then shaped into the final piece – whether it be a sword, or in this case, a ring. The beauty of making Damascus (as opposed to other metal swordmaking techniques) is that the color of the layers are so identical that the pattern does not emerge full until the final stage of the process. Take a look!

damascus steel ring sculpted and etched

Left: Damascus steel ring sculpted. The steel layers are not visible. Right: Etching allows the layers of sculpted steel to emerge into a beautiful pattern.

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