custom bale project for heirloom gold nugget

custom bale project for heirloom gold nugget

repurpose heirloom jewelry

Love the stories that come with repurposing family heirlooms – and this one is no exception. Take a look at the gold nugget on the left – it is a few generations old; an authentic piece of alluvial gold that was found during the gold rush in California during the mid 1800’s! The client wanted me to design a bail (the part that connects a pendant to a necklace) that contrasted the organic rough shape of the nugget. Here is the result – a 22k fine-jewelry bail adorned with pellets of metal that resemble granulation, and accented with tapered diamonds at the top. There is a mechanism that is not pictured, which is a special screwcap that was soldered to the original nugget, and fits in the connecting screwcap inside the bale. This allows the client to switch out the nugget with other bails in the future that have a similar built-in mechanism, to allow for flexibility depending on the outfit that is worn. Thank you to the Moore family for trusting me with this gorgeous family heirloom, it was such a fun project!

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