Over the last decade, from her retail space in Lower Manhattan and atelier in Midtown, Lisa Linhardt has realized thousands of custom projects with individuals and couples who live around the world. Linhardt’s specialty is custom designed jewelry that ranges from signature pieces designed for any occasion to one-of-a-kind engagement and wedding rings. The process of creating a custom piece is personal since each project piece is individualized and stylized per the client’s needs. Linhardt has a deep understanding of the engineering and architecture involved in conceptualizing a custom design with all of its technical and aesthetic components from ideation to completion. Her attention to detail is matched by her attention to customer satisfaction in her ease of communicating and collaborating upon her clients’ wishes and aspirations into one of a kind pieces that will endure the test of time.

Linhardt Design is moving to midtown in January 2016
to further meet  your custom jewelry needs.
We Offer Responsibly Sourced Gem Stones, Recycled Precious Metals And Unique Designs Made Here in NYC.
Showroom and Atelier is by appointment only:

There are three ways of working with Linhardt on a bespoke Custom project:



Working with an existing design from our many Collections that can be modified with specific metals, stone(s), or finishes.


Working with to restore or refurbish an heirloom piece, which can mean restoring an existing piece with adjustments, using parts of it to offset a new piece, or melting it down while repurposing components such as gemstones. Linhardt can advise on which parts are worth refurbishing, can restore antique settings to discover their original beauty, and can also help re-design according to what is both sentimental and aesthetically pleasing to you.


Working directly with Linhardt to create a completely new piece of jewelry. We can source any stone for you (rough or faceted); create custom stone cuts for you right here in NYC, work with new colors of precious metal that you will not see anywhere else… The list goes on. Challenge us and we shall accept.  We create some of the finest high fashion jewelry NYC has to offer!

Most people who commission work are not exactly sure what they want – but are sure they want something unique, designed to fit their aesthetic, and exceptionally crafted. Linhardt is known for her uncanny ability to translate a customer’s story and style into a cherished heirloom. Each piece varies in style and shows incredible versatility since they are inspired by the individual; but Linhardt manages to add her own unique flavor in each one. You an view the portfolio to see for yourself (link to Portfolio section).


Linhardt’s process of evaluating, analyzing and designing from concept to completion is seamless. Each project is mapped out before committing – in price as well as in process. In addition, each step is approved along the way (sketches, jewelry simulations from all angles, as well as a 3D maquette to help you understand all aspect of what the piece will look like before it is completed.) The result is seamless that guarantees no surprises at the end.


There is no charge to engage in a consultation with Linhardt; however we do request that you make an appointment.



Artistry. Craftsmanship. Modern Chic. Linhardt Design’s flagship store is located on a beautiful tree-lined block in the SoHo district of Manhattan, which is a well-known shopping destination. Since opening our doors in 2008, Linhardt Design offers the best customer experience when it comes to custom bespoke jewelry, sculptural ready-to-wear lines which have a strong celebrity following, personalization of jewelry, tricky repairs, and education when looking for the ultimate heirloom or gift. We invite you to come join us and experience our service, innovative design, and incredible craftsmanship. Call Now 917-338-7822




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