Loiman Kenya Education Fund

Social Conscience

Linhardt is constantly inspired from artisans around the world and has often participated in projects that give back to the artisans and their communities. One project Linhardt continues to take a great interest in is a her affiliation with the Kenya Education Fund - where a portion of proceeds sold in the NYC Gallery sends an African girl to college in her home country.

Meet Loiman. She is a Maasai girl who Linhardt has walked 100 miles with in Kenya to raise funds for girls’ literacy. Linhardt had personally been sponsoring Loiman pre-college until she learned that the non-profit who she sponsored Loiman through had threatened to drop her due to an unexpected pregnancy. The girl reached out to Linhardt and expressed a strong desire to stay in school despite her forthcoming child. It was at that point when Linhardt decided a portion of the initial investment in the Linhardt Gallery was going to be used to send Loiman to college.These days, a portion of everything sold at Linhardt (whether custom or otherwise) goes towards sending Loiman to school through the Kenya Education Fund; the founder of whom Linhardt had also personally met in Kenya. We are so proud of Agnes and the fact that she has just completed her fourth semester of school while mothering a healthy baby boy. We are also grateful to Bradley Broder whose leadership of the Kenya Education Fund has been an inspiration. Finally, we are so happy to connect the East Village community to a small village in Africa in some way. Thank you for helping to keep Loiman in school!

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