Other Materials

Linhardt also incorporates other materials into her jewelry. She has worked in concrete, prehistoric mammoth bone, wood, tagua, moss, and has experimented with many other materials. The following is a list of organic elements readily-available at Linhardt Design:

TAGUA - Tagua is a seed from South America. Most of Linhardt's tagua is from both Ecuador and Colombia and comes from the tagua palm tree. Given trade restrictions in elephant ivory as well as animal welfare concerns, ivory palm endosperm is used as a substitute for elephant ivory today. When dried out, it can be carved just like elephant ivory; and can be dyed.

REPURPOSED WOODS - Most of the wood used in Linhardt jewelry comes from furniture scraps. We also work directly with a supplier in Brazil who picks up fallen branches deep in the Amazon, which allows for some beautiful exotic breeds of wood to still retain an eco-friendly quality.

HORN - This is either water buffalo horn or bull's horn that we reporpose into hand-sculpted jewelry. The horn falls from the animal and no animal was killed solely for the use of his horn. Most of our horn comes from Kenya and Columbia and is collected by artisans.

These are only some examples of natural materials Linhardt incorporates into jewelry. Please ask us about other materials and better yet, challenge us with a new one!