Round Brilliant round brilliant pear cuts Pear Cut
Heart Cut heart cut marquis cut Marquis Cut
Princess Cut princess cut ascher cut Ascher Cut
Radiant Cut radiant cut emerald cut Emerald Cut
Cushion Cut cushion cut oval cut Oval Cut

Diamonds / Stones

There are an array of stone available at Linhardt Design. We have a number of stones in our inventory, ranging from precious (diamonds, sapphires, etc.) to semi-precious (quartz, amethyst, etc.) We can source any stone that currently exists. Stones are sourced with great care - and are chosen keeping its origin and labor of cutting/polishing in mind.

There are various cuts available of these stones however we also offer lapidary work, meaning that we will custom-cut a stone for you into any shape you can imagine.

To the right you can see traditional cuts of diamonds although there are many more cuts available, and we have also custom-cut diamonds for many of our customers in the past. We can also cut semi-precious stones from its rough, or even repurpose an existing stone you would like to refresh.

Our color palette for diamonds as well as any other stone is not limited - we offer natural colored diamonds, heat-treated sapphires, basically anything your heart desires.

Please ask us about any of the stones you would like to incorporate into your custom pieces. You may also read more about various stones in the RESOURCES section of this site.