latest in zimbabwe blood diamond controversy

latest in zimbabwe blood diamond controversy

zimbabwe diamond

Above: Rough yellow diamond on site in Zimbabwe, although white diamonds are also found. Photo: ©Robin Hammond

In the mountains of Eastern Zimbabwe lies a vast alluvial deposit of diamonds, one of the richest in the world. There has been recent controversy regarding the mining of these diamonds in relation to human rights abuses. As of today, Nov 4, no agreements have been reached by members of the Kimberly Process on whether these stones from the Marange area of Zimbabwe are allowed for export. Obert Moses Mpofu, Zimbabwe’s minister of mines, said the country would begin selling diamonds “immediately,” according to Reuters. I do not support the use of these Marange diamonds in my work and hope that jewelers who read this blog will be mindful about sourcing origin and labor as always; especially with this recent news.

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